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Today’s ingredients

Row fish of the day ¥3,100
Burratina ¥2,900
Melon ¥500/pezzo
White Truffle ask/1g
Porcini mushrooms ¥320/10g
Clams ¥200/pezzo
Oysters ¥1,500/piece
Japanese Glass Shrimp ¥800/half-size
Sea Urchin ¥5,800
Squid ¥1,500/100g
Parma ham of “Ruliano” matured 24 months ¥2,200
Parma ham of “Nero parma” matured 27 months ¥2,700
Carpaccio of hors meat and truffle ¥2,600
Octopus salad with potatoes, olives and arugula ¥2,300
Seafood fried ¥2,600
Trippa in Florence style ¥1,900


Risotto of parmigiano reggiano”Vacche Rosse”DOP ¥2,600

Pasta Source

Gnocchi ask
prosciutto, lemon and tomato cream sauce ¥1,800
Red shrimp from Sicily tomato cream sauce ¥2,400
octopus ragu sauce ¥1,800
meat sause in florence style ¥2,100
Bolognese ¥2,100
smoked pork cheek stew ¥2,100
white wine stew of veal and lemon ¥1,800
wild boar in San Gimignano style ¥2,000
red wine stew of cow tail ¥2,200

Side dish

Mixed salad ¥800
Wild rocket salad ¥700
Roasted potatoes or French fries with herbs ¥600
mushroom salad ¥700
polenta ¥500

*Tax included price


Montasio mezzano DOP ¥400/10g
Asiago mezzano DOP Aged 5 months ¥400/10g
Asiago vecchio DOP Aged 12 months ¥450/10g
Formaggio al prosecco ¥400/10g
Pecolino toscano DOP ¥450/10g
Gorgonzola “Adoriano chiomento” DOP ¥450/10g
Parmigiano reggiano “Vacche rosse” DOP ¥550/10g

*Cover charge ¥900 per parson


Bazadaise from France

Ossobuco ¥4,600

John Stone from Ireland

BisteccaSirloin Steak ¥6,400/100g

Hereford from Ireland

BisteccaT-born Steak ¥21,000/600g

Chianina from Tuscany

“Peposo” veal stewed with red wine and black pepper ¥4,400
“Tagliata”Ramp Char-grille ¥4,100/100g
“Bistecca alla Fiorentina”T-bone steak Florentine style ¥49,000/1kg

Ikedagyu from Hokkaidou

Chateaubriand ¥6,500/100g
Tournedos ¥6,000 /100g
Tête ¥5,600 /100g
Mignon ¥4,900 /100g
“Polpettone”tenderloin humbrug steak with three types pepper cream sause ¥4,600/100g

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